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2 Months / 10 Weeks Software Training For All Stream Students

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Autocad Institute in Kolkata

In the year 1982 the Autodesk, Inc. first developed and sold the AutoCAD software. This is a software application that is the most ubiquitous design program for the microcomputer in this entire world. This computer-aided design or CAD is an application that is mostly widely used for drafting. Supporting both the formats of 2D and 3D, is best utilized on the functions like "curve fitting" and "poly-lines". Although it had become the flagship product of Autodesk by the year 1986 in the month of March, its popularity kept on growing since then.

Although before this AutoCAD software application was discovered, the other kinds of CAD or computer-aided designs were run on the minicomputers or mainframe computers. At those times, the user or the CAD operator had to work in their workstations or at a graphical terminal. However, the AutoCAD software application has now become the most widely popular application that is very helpful in various applications. That is the reason why we, at Webel IPDA India, have come up with the most interesting course module that will incorporate a thorough detail of the course, in order to offer the students a career specific course module.

Webel IPDA India is a proud AutoCAD course provider. It has been termed as the best Autocad Institute in Kolkata. If you think high to achieve a good place in a reputed company, then we are here to offer our best hospitality. We are the gateway of your success and make you proficiently skilled with high-end AutoCAD techniques.


Course duration-70 hrs/04 months Course fees –Rs 6000.00

  • MODULE – 1 :
    Limits, Units, O-Snap, Polygon, Arc, Circle, Elipse.
  • MODULE – 2 :
    Rectangle, Array, Move, Copy, Rotate, Offset, Revision, Cloud.
  • MODULE – 3 :
    Trim, Stretch, Break, Joint, Selection method.
  • MODULE –4 :
  • MODULE –5 :
  • MODULE –6 :
    Mirror, Solid, Scale, Extend, Explode, Fillet, Chamfer.
  • MODULE –7 :
    Donut, Layer, Match Properties, Text, Multi Text.
  • MODULE –8 :
  • MODULE –9 :
  • MODULE –10 :
    Block, Insert, Dynamic Block, W Block, Attribute, External Reference.
  • MODULE –11 :
    Hatch, Gradient, Table, Align, Boundary.
  • MODULE –12 :
    Divide, Measure, Point, Regiopn, Polyline.
  • MODULE – 13 :
  • MODULE –14 :
  • MODULE –15 :
    Layout management, Plotting, Dimension.
  • MODULE –16 :
    Properties, Match Properties, Polyline, Edit, Editing With Grips, Enquiry, Command,Lengthen, Spline.
  • MODULE –17 :
  • MODULE –18 :
    Draft Setting, ISO Plane, Different shape in ISOmetric.
  • MODULE –19 :
  • MODULE –20 :

3-D Drawing

  • MODULE –21 :
    Box, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid,
  • MODULE –22 :
    Extrude, UCS Setting, Region, Subtract, Loft, Loft Reference to Guide.
  • MODULE –23 :
    Sweep, Revolve, Union, Intersect, Polysulfide.
  • MODULE –24 :
  • MODULE –25 :
    Planar, Surface, Press/Pull , Interfere, Slice.
  • MODULE –26 :
    Thicken, Smooth Object, Extract face, Imprint.
  • MODULE –27 :
    Extrude face, Taper face, Move face, Copy face, Colour face, Shell.
  • MODULE –28 :
  • MODULE –29 :
    Helix, Align, Array, Mirror, Fillet, Chamfer, Move Gizmo.
  • MODULE –30 :
    Mesh Revolve, Mesh edge, Surface, Ruled Surface, Tabulate Surface.
  • MODULE –31 :
    Convert to solid or Surface, Material input, Render.
  • MODULE –32 :
    Sky off-on walk throught.
  • MODULE –33 :

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