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PLC Institute in Kolkata

In this booming industry of IT or Information Technology, there is a huge scope for job vacancies and that is why, a professional degree and training in this field, especially the PLC or Programmable Logic Controllers, is very helpful. In a booming IT sector like the online in West Bengal, a professional knowledge of the technical subjects is a very helpful one.

Understanding this we, at the Webel IPDA India, have come up with the best and most cost-effective line of education for those who are seeking a career in this field. As the best PLC institute in Kolkata, we have been offering a very careful line of studies that includes the entre aspect of the subject as well as a thorough understanding of the practical field of work.

Our course module includes:

The course that we offer at Webel IPDA India is carefully designed so that every learner can grasp the complete essence of the subject and can secure a job with a complete and thorough understanding of the subject. From the introduction to the Programmable Logic Controllers or PLC, to the fundamentals and a complete information about the very basic of PLC including I/O modules, CPU, Communication bus and power supply, everything is covered under this course.

Our basic level course program includes source sink concept, types of input and outputs, a brief overview on different electrical control components and different kinds of electrical power circuit. This helps the learners to develop basic programs with the help of ladder diagram. Not only this, the course also covers troubleshooting & fault diagnostics of PLC, downloading and monitoring, analog parameters, signals, panel designing etc.

Detailed PLC Course Structure

Course duration-50 hrs/03 months Course fees –Rs 6000.00

Introduction to PLC hardware, PLC fundamentals information about PLC components (Power Supply, CPU, I/O Modules, Communication bus), Types of input & outputs, source sink concept in PLC, different electrical power circuit & brief overview on electrical control components, develop basic level programs with ladder diagram. Introduction to PLC programming software, Addressing concept, introduction to bit, byte & word concept. Timer & Counter block programming, upload, downloaded & monitoring of programs, troubleshooting & fault diagnostics of PLC, Familiarizing with ladder programming based on Siemens PLC, Brief overview on analog parameters, various types of analog signals, selection & calibration of analog signals, ladder diagram on analog application, configure a HMI with PLC, application with PID blocks in PLC using a control valve, PLC networking, panel designing, load calculation, panel wiring.

Distributed Control System (DCS) & Variable Speed Drives:-

Course duration-40 hrs/03 months Course fees –Rs 6000.00

Distributed Control System (DCS)
Introduction to control system, application of DCS system, hardware architecture of DCS processor, power supply, I/O modules, communication bus, redundancy operator & engineering station comparison between PLC & DCS, practical exposure on leading DCS system.

Variable Speed Drives:-
Brief overview on AC Drives, study of different operational methods like PWM method, flux vector control, direct torque/sensor less control etc. On which variable speed drives work. Selection criteria of the drives for particular application, concept study of various types of load for selecting variable speed drives like constant /variable torque load characteristics , constant horse power, configuration of different parameter of various motors through drives i.e. speed & torque control, type of braking remote & local operation communication with PLC troubleshooting .

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