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2 Months / 10 Weeks Software Training For All Stream Students

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Staad Pro Institute in Kolkata

The STAAD (STAAD.Pro) or the Structural Analysis and Design Program was first developed by the Research Engineers International in Yorba Linda, CA. However, in the year 2005, when Bentley Systems bought Research Engineers International, it became the most widely popular structural analysis and design software. Used mostly in the field of concrete, timber and steel design codes, it is very crucial that those finding a career in this field learn the STAAD.Pro. It is important for the response spectrum analysis and from modal extraction to time history a complete dynamic analysis.

However, there are very few institutes, especially in a city like Kolkata where the concrete, timber and steel industries are growing rapidly, that can offer professional training in STAAD.Pro. That is why we, at the Webel IPDA India, have designed our course modules for Structural Analysis and Design Program or STAAD.Pro in a way that they will offer you a thorough understanding of the software.

We are the most admired STAAD.Pro institute in Kolkata and have years of experience in offering quality training courses to the students. We help our students to tread the success ladder with quality knowledge and practical proficiency. We know how to stay ahead of the crowd with an attitude to succeed in this field.


An older version called Staad-III for windows is used by Iowa State University for educational purposes for civil and structural engineers. The commercial version STAAD.Pro is one of the most widely used structural analysis and design softwares. It supports several steel, concrete and timber design codes. It can make use of various forms of analysis from the traditional 1st order static analysis, 2nd order p-delta analysis, geometric non linear analysis or a buckling analysis. It can also make use of various forms of dynamic analysis from modal extraction to time history and response spectrum analysis.

Syllabus of STAAD.Pro Course duration -80 hours /04 months Course fees= Rs 8000.00

  • MODULE – 1 :
    Basic Introduction to the STAAD user interface Analysis of plane structure with simple support system and loading as concentrated and uniformly distributed load system
  • MODULE – 2 :
    Continuation of Plane structure Various continuous beams loaded with the different types of loads and different support systems
  • MODULE – 3 :
    Introduction to Portal frames and analysis
  • MODULE –4 :
    Analysis of portal frames with various load combinations
  • MODULE –5 :
    Additional problems for practice on load combinations and frame problems to use in the G-x direction
  • MODULE –6 :
    Moving load concept
  • MODULE –7 :
    Concept of T- Beams
  • MODULE –8 :
    Use of Structure Wizard and analysis of Bayed frame
  • MODULE –9 :
    Modeling of a symmetric Building Application of loads and analysis and design
  • MODULE –10 :
    Flats Project- Generation of model from a given plan and its analysis and design
  • MODULE –11 :
    Analysis of non truss rigid body structures (steel structures).
  • MODULE –12 :
    Non-truss – 2
  • MODULE – 13 :
    Wind load Analysis and design
  • MODULE –14 :
    Earthquake Load analysis and design
  • MODULE –15 :
    Analysis and design of 2-roomed building with balconies for say (G+5) structure [5m × (4m +4m)] + Balcony 1.5m
  • MODULE –16 :
    Finite element Analysis of Structure- I (Staircase)
  • MODULE –17 :
    Finite element Analysis of Structure- I (Shear wall)
  • MODULE –18 :
    Finite element Analysis of Structure- I (Overhead Water Tank)
  • MODULE –19 :
    Design of Overhead Transmission line Towers in accordance to IS 802
  • MODULE –20 :
    Other Basic – One way slab load distribution
    Two way slab load distribution
    Importing CAD Models and Plotting in STAAD.Pro
  • MODULE –21 :
    STAAD.Foundation – Isolated Spread Footing
  • MODULE –22 :
    STAAD.Foundation – Combined Strip Footing
  • MODULE –23 :
    STAAD.Foundation – Raft Foundation
  • MODULE –24 :
    STAAD.Foundation – Pile Cap
  • MODULE –25 :
    Bridge structure Modeling, Analysis and Design
    Project – I
    Project – II

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