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2 Months / 10 Weeks Software Training For All Stream Students

Admission Open

50% Scholarship

Vocational Training


Webel Computer Training Center Bandel

Vocational Training :-Archi - CAD 40 Hrs / Rs 4000.00

  • Module 1:
    A. Basic Introduction to the STAAD user interface
    B. Analysis of plane structure with simple support system and loading as concentrated and uniformly distributed load system
  • Module 2:
    A.Continuation of Plane structure B. Various continuous beams loaded with the different types of loads and different support systems
  • Module 3:
    Introduction to Portal frames and analysis , Analysis of portal frames with various load combinations
  • Module 4:
    Additional problems for practice on load combinations and frame problems to use in the G-x direction
  • Module 5:
    Moving load concept , Concept of T- Beams
  • Module 6:
    Use of Structure Wizard and analysis of Bayed frame
  • Module 7:
    Modeling of a symmetric Building Application of loads and analysis and design
  • Module 8:
    Flats Project- Generation of model from a given plan and its analysis and design
  • Module 9:
    Analysis of non truss rigid body structures (steel structures)
  • Module 10:
    Non-truss -2 , Wind load Analysis and design
  • Module 11:
    Wind load Analysis and design
  • Module 12:
    Earthquake Load analysis and design
  • Module 13:
    Analysis and design of 2-roomed building with balconies for say (G+5) structure [5m X (4m +4m)] + Balcony 1.5m
  • Module 14:
    Finite element Analysis of Structure- I (Staircase) (Shear wall) (Overhead Water Tank)
  • Module 15:
    Design of Overhead Transmission line Towers in accordance to IS 802
  • Module 16:
    A.Other Basic - One way slab load distribution
    B.Two way slab load distribution
    C.Importing CAD Models and Plotting in STAAD.Pro
  • Module 17
    Project - I

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