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2 Months / 10 Weeks Software Training For All Stream Students

Admission Open

50% Scholarship

Vocational Training


Webel Computer Training Center Bandel

Automation Courses ( Vocational Training) : -40Hrs/Rs4000.00

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC):-
    Introduction to PLC hardware, PLC fundamentals information about PLC components (Power Supply, CPU, I/O Modules, Communication bus), Types of input & outputs, source sink concept in PLC, different electrical power circuit & brief overview on electrical control components, develop basic level programs with ladder diagram. Introduction to PLC programming software, Addressing concept, introduction to bit, byte & word concept. Timer & Counter block programming, upload, downloaded & monitoring of programs, Familiarizing with ladder programming based on Siemens PLC, Brief overview on analog parameters, various types of analog signals, selection & calibration of analog signals .
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA):-
    Brief overview on SCADA screen design with SCADA software, project preparation in demo mode, prepare animated bit map, writing message files, creating touch zones, data entry/start stop command analog entry,sizing, movement, blinking, visibility, filling, creating alarms & event, connectivity with hardware/software communication protocols, Communication with the SCADA screen with PLC, Communication with data a Acquisition system, communication with excel.

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