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2 Months / 10 Weeks Software Training For All Stream Students

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Our Courses

Animation Institute in Kolkata

Webel IPDA India is a trendsetting Animation Institute in Kolkata who offer several training courses on Animation to make you get started living the dream to showcase your artistic quotient through technical way. After completing a Webel IPDA India Animation course, students can build up their career in the following jobs - Modeling Artist, Character Animator, FX Artist, Compositor, Motion Graphics Artist, Matchmoving Artist, Lighting Artist, Render Artist, Layout Artist, Digital Sculptor, Rigging Artist, Roto & Clean-up Artist, Video Editor, etc.

The multimedia industry is probably one of the most popular industries that offer a different line of career. Those, who want to step out of the box and pursue a career where their hobby for drawing and sketching can be utilized, there is no better option than this one. Who ever thought that his hobby will be his career and that too when it is drawing that is considered. And we, at Webel IPDA India, have taken it a bit further, by making this multimedia studies such an easy and pocket-friendly one.

From certificate courses to diploma courses, we offer a detailed course curriculum for the learners, so that the complete aspect of the subject is covered. We make sure that each of our students get a thorough knowledge of animation and multimedia, so that they can secure a good job and flourish in their career.

Diploma in Classical Animation Duration- 192 Hours /01 year , course fees-18,000.00

  • MODULE –1 :
    Free hand Sketch-( Drawing )
    Flip book Creation
    Story Board Making
    Character Creation
    Back Ground Designing
    Animation Character with Background
  • MODULE –2 :
    Final Retouching- ( clean up)
    Digitising- ( Photoshop, Corel Draw, toon boom, Flash )
    Compositing , Editing & Visual Effect- (Adobe After effect , Adobe Premiere )
    Audio Sync-( Sound Forge)
  • MODULE –3 :
    Creating a very Short Animation Movie ( Cell animation ) Portfolio Making

Diploma in Multimedia

Certificate in Multimedia

Vector Graphics-( Photoshop, Corel Draw, illustrator )
Bitmap Graphics-( Photoshop, In Design, )
2D Authoring- ( Flash )
Sound Sync- ( sound forge )

course fees- Rs 10,000.00

Duration- 160 Hours /10 month

Certificate in Advanced Multimedia

Graphics Integration – ( Photoshop, Flash , sound forge
Editing & Composting – (Adobe After effect , Adobe Premiere )
( exm – Croma, Roto, Text Effect, Glow, rain, fire, Particles , Shooting& composing etc)
3D Animation – ( 3d max & maya )
( modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, animation)

course fees- Rs 15,000.00 & Duration 160 Hours/ 10 months

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